A server is a computer system or program that provides services to other computers or programs, known as clients. Servers can perform a variety of tasks, such as hosting websites, storing files, providing email services, and running applications.

There are several types of servers, but four common types of servers are:

  1. Web server:
    A web server is a server that delivers web pages and other web content to users over the internet. It responds to requests from web browsers and serves up HTML , CSS , images, and other files.
  2. Application server:
    An application server is a server that provides software applications with a runtime environment to run. It typically handles the business logic of the application and allows multiple clients to access it simultaneously.
  3. Database server:
    A database server is a server that provides database management services to clients. It stores and retrieves data requested by other applications, which may be running on the same or different servers.
  4. File server:
    A file server is a server that stores and manages files, and allows users to access and share them over a network. It may use a file sharing protocol like Network File System (NFS) or Server Message Block (SMB).

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