Transactional SMS

Super high priority route for your transactional SMS

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SMS used to communicate information pertaining to a service or a product already availed by a customer. The SMS can only by sent to registered users and require a pre-approval from the Operator before they are broadcasted.


Instant Delivery
Send personalized SMS
View Delivery reports
View Transaction History
SMS are delivered at any time of the day. 24*7.
SMS are sent only to registered users.
Pre-approval of template at the operator end is required before service activation
SMS are sent with a six digit alphabetic sender-id pre-approved by the operator.
Can be integrated into your own software through API.
Can be used with Excel Plugin
Only solicited sms can be sent


With our price match guarantee

We only ever use the highest quality routes to mobile networks to guarantee the very best speed & deliverability. Beware of some companies that offer low-quality delivery rates. Our online mobile messaging platform is 100% FREE & we promise to match any competitor text rates with similar features and connectivity.


Message Bundle Per bundle Per message Validity
2 Messages FREE TRIAL FREE TRIAL Unlimited
1,000 Messages 270 27.0 paisa 1 Year
2,000 Messages 540 27.0 paisa 1 Year
5,000 Messages 1,350 27.0 paisa 1 Year
10,000 Messages 2,500 25.0 paisa 1 Year
25,000 Messages 5,500 22.0 paisa 1 Year
50,000 Messages 10,000 20.0 paisa 1 Year
1,00,000 Messages 18,000 18.0 paisa Unlimited
2,50,000 Messages 42,500 17.0 paisa Unlimited

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